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G'kuisa Class Transport

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SS G'kuisa Class VIP-691 "Pegasus" Imperial VIP Transport SS G'kuisa Class VIP-691 "Pegasus" Imperial VIP Transport model - DAZ3D / xenic101
SS G'kuisa Class VIP-691 "Pegasus" Imperial VIP Transport

Primary Objective
  • Imperial and VIP Personnel Transport
  • Aquian Ion Sublight Drive Core
  • Four Filter Sublight Jets
  • MLRR
  • 2
  • 40 Metres
  • 2 Fore Disruptors
  • 2 Microburst Launcher
  • Friend to Foe Recognition System
  • United Stat Recon System
  • Fore Anti-Projectile Chaff (30)

  • Aft Anti-Projectile Chaff (30)

  • Adv Aquian Computer
  • CMI Guidance

  • Life Support Systems
  • Escape Pods


These transports were developed as transport craft for Imperial personnel and as such are only used for that purpose. Because the "Pegasus" transports only carry the Emperor, his family, members of the Joint Staff, the President of the Imperial Senate and other dignitaries or VIP's, there will always be a formation of three craft for security purposes, it is never announced which one of the three craft has passengers. For the same security reasons you will notice that all three craft carry identical markings.

Additional Info

  • 3D Render: Tastiger (T'krall)
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