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Wednesday, 10 June 2015 06:54

K.L.A.W Pirate Transmission Base

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K.L.A.W Pirate Transmission Base K.L.A.W Pirate Transmission Base model - SOLCOMMAND

K.L.A.W Pirate Transmission Base

KLAW is a pirate transmission station serving both the Helios A and the Helios B systems, it broadcasts from a converted Vergren Class Battlecruiser called Reality 1 positioned in an asteroid field (no man's land) between the two systems. It's location makes it impossible for the authorities to intervene as KLAW is constantly changing locations and frequencies.

Pirate stations are illegal or unregulated transmission for entertainment or political purposes. While pirate just refers to the illegal nature of the broadcasts, there have also been notable pirate offshore radio transmissions.

Pirate radio generally describes the unlicensed broadcast of signals over a wide range. In some cases radio stations are deemed legal where the signal is transmitted, but illegal where the signals are received, especially when the signals cross a system boundary. In other cases, a broadcast may be considered "pirate" due to the nature of its content, its transmission format (especially a failure to transmit a station identification according to regulations), or the transmit power (wattage) of the station, even if the transmission is not technically illegal (such as a web cast or an amateur transmission). Pirate stations are sometimes called bootleg stations , clandestine stations (associated with heavily politically motivated operations) or free radio stations.

KLAW can be considered as one of the Deathclaw's "legal" operations because of it's location but is considered to be a clandestine station as it is very much anti-establishment motivated broadcasting Deathclaw propaganda and inciting revolution.

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  • 3D Render: Tastiger (T'krall)
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