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ISSCV Transport

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Joint Forces ISSCV Multipurpose Transport Joint Forces ISSCV Multipurpose Transport model - SOLCOMMAND

Joint Forces ISSCV Multipurpose Transport

The ISSCV (Inter Solar System Cargo Vessel) is a configurable space craft to which various types of modules can be attached, depending on the needs of the mission. These modules can carry troops, transport cargo, conduct evacuations, and even serve as mobile command centers. For extended operations, the APC module can be left planetside while the  transport moves to a safe orbit. The onboard electronics include a flight computer, LIDAR, EM detectors, and a gravimetric mass detector. The vessel is capable of both space and atmospheric flight, and its cockpit accommodates both a pilot and a co-pilot. The ISSAPC (Inter Solar System Armored Personnel Carrier) is essentially an armed ISSCV. Armaments include pulse lasers plus a gauss gun in the module itself

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  • 3D Render: Tastiger (T'krall)
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