Krylos Guard Battalion

Krylos Guard Battalion

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Krylos Guard Battalion (KGB)

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The Krylos Guard Battalion (KGB) is part of the Royal Marines. It is responsible for providing security in the Capital area and for providing guards of honour.
Its missions include, but are not restricted to:
  • Guarding important public buildings such as the Royal Palace Complex (the residence of the Emperor), The Lodge (the residence of the President of the Senate), the Senate Complex, the Hall of Justice, Civil Services Complex and keeping public order in the Capital.
  • Honor and security services for the highest national personalities and important foreign guests;
  • Support of other law enforcement forces (with intervention groups, or horseback patrols);
  • Staffing patrols and patrol stations, particularly for the Royal Forests of the Liberator Chasma region.
  • Security of diplomatic bags entering and leaving the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the spaceports.
  • Protection of Embassies throughout the Empire and Allied Planets.
  • Provide support to the CIA as and when required
The KGB also fulfills an important diplomatic role, representing Krylos at international events abroad and receiving important dignitaries at home.
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Sentinel Squadron (SS)

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The Sentinel Squadron (SS), "protection squadron" or "defence corps";  is an elite unit of the Krylos Guard Battalion of the Royal Marines. It began after the election of T'rall as Dictator for Life as a small, permanent guard unit known as the "Palace Guard" made up of Marine volunteers to provide security for the royal family. Later, the unit, which had by then been reformed and renamed the "Sentinel Squadron", was merged into the Krylos Guard Battalion and it grew from a small formation of volunteers to become a to one of the most elite and respected organizations in the SCM Military.
The SS all black uniform and the snow ghost skull emblem distinguishes it from other branches of the SCM military and from State Agencies.