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Imperial Army

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The Imperial Army is the Empire's principal land warfare force. The force was initially administered by the War Office on Charadin Prime, which was subsumed into the Ministry of Defence following the diaspora. The professional head of the Imperial Army is the Chief of the General Staff.
The full-time element of the Army is referred to as the Regular Army and has been since the creation of the reservist Citizens Military Force (also known as the CMF or Militia and subsequently renamed The Army Reserve) after the settlement on Krylos. All members of the Army swear (or affirm) allegiance to the monarch as commander-in-chief. However, the Bill of Rights requires Senate consent for the Empire to maintain a standing army in peacetime. The Senate approves the continued existence of the Army by passing an Armed Forces Act at least once every five years.


Current Organisation

The 1st Division comprises a deployable headquarters, while 2nd Division under the command of Forces Command is the main home-defence formation, containing Army Reserve units. 2nd Division's headquarters only performs administrative functions. The Imperial Army has not deployed a divisional-sized formation since the Gaia Lokhias Offensive and does not expect to do so in the near future.

1st Division

1st Division carries out high-level training activities and deploys to command large-scale ground operations. It does not have any combat units permanently assigned.

Forces Command

Forces Command controls for administrative purposes all non-special-forces assets of the Imperial Army. It is neither an operational nor a deployable command.

  • 1 Brigade – Mechanised brigade based in Alexandreia.
  • 3 Brigade – Light-infantry brigade based in Luwaybid
  • 6 Brigade (CS&ISTAR) – Mixed brigade based in Krylos City
  • 7 Brigade – Motorised brigade based in Llanfarian.
  • 16 Aviation Brigade – Army Aviation brigade based in Mangamingi.
  • 17 Combat Service Support Brigade – Logistic brigade based in Krylos City.
  • 2nd Division administers the reserve forces from its headquarters located in Krylos City
    • 4 Brigade – based on Krylos.
    • 5 Brigade – based on Elysium.
    • 8 Brigade – based on Rhus.
    • 9 Brigade – based on Nea Australae.
    • 11 Brigade – based on Brittaenia.
    • 13 Brigade – based on Hunnos.

Additionally, Forces Command includes the following training establishments:

  • Army Recruit Training Centre at Mount Hallen, Nea Australae;
  • Royal Military College, Vellery, Gallatia ;
  • Combined Arms Training Centre at Benhar,Otero;
  • Army Logistic Training Centre at Aukseliai, Myrina and Shventoy, Myrina; and
  • Army Aviation Training Centre at Karayeoryaíika, Rhodos.
Special Forces

Special Operations Command comprises a command formation of equal status to the other commands in the ADF. It is a brigade-sized formation responsible for all the Empire's special-forces assets.

Ranks - Imperial Army

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