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Helios-A System

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Symbol Legend

Terrestrial Planet, Not Populated
Terrestrial Planet, Populated
Terrestrial Planet, Hospitable (breathable atmosphere)
Gas Giant
Gas Giant, Populated (on moons)
Gas Giant, Hospitable (on moons)
Asteroid Belt, Not Populated
Asteroid Belt, Populated
Space Station / Megastructure, Not Populated (automated facility, abandoned, etc.)
Space Station / Megastructure, Populated

Spectral Class: G2
Mass: 1.1 sol
Radius: 1.227 sol
Luminosity: 1.51
Political: SCM
Planets / Bodies: BranhertdaszKrylosAegyptusElysiumRhodosRhusLau'araPhi OttaEinontlitzEsairaEtxicanecEtaruCold Fort
Helios-A inner planets orbits

Helios-A Inner Planets Orbits

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