About us

Imagine if you will,
Far across the universe there is a trinary star system, to this group of planets a group of refugees fled attempting to flee the tyranny of their home system.
On one of the planets they discovered a long forgotten penal colony and this became the new capital of what was to become the SCM Empire.
Gradually they colonized or invaded the other planets within the system, made allies and enemies - so the stage was set for our story to begin...

What we have tried to achieve is a structured collaborative writing and artwork environment loosely based on the Roman Empire, except we have thrust it forward into the 27th Century, then just to make it interesting we have added some of the best (and worst) examples of human civilisation, just to make it interesting. Most of the finer details you will find among the pages on the site, but not everything is set in stone, any ideas to expand the concepts of the SCM Universe are welcome as the site can only be what the contributors make it. Also it is not all serious - we like to throw in a bit of tongue in cheek humour just to spice things up

So have a look around and if you like the concept and think you can contribute don't hesitate to sign up and become part of the mighty SCM Empire.

Everyone is welcome - whether you are a beginning artist or writer or someone who has been at it for a long time, we don't discriminate.

If you can produce art and can't write stories, that's fine you can contribute your artwork with a headline and challenge our writers to create the back story to your image and vice verser contribute a news story and challenge our artists to create a suitable image to go with it - collaboration is the key.