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Elysium: End To "Pleasure Planet"?

It may not spell the immediate demise of the louche stag holiday on Elysium, but the Government has decided to crack down on the pleasure houses and fizz shops of its infamous red light district.
A ten-yotta scheme, known as Project 2025 for the city postcode containing the red light district, kicked off  with the aim of making substantial cuts to the number of window pleasure houses and fizz shops. But it's only now that the city is beginning to see some tangible results.
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Volunteerism To Be Made Manditory

Manditory Volunteerism : the Way of the Future
Unknown to many, there is a great demand for substantial community service Empire wide. Again and again, it's a valuable experience for the younger generation, and on every planet across the system, it can ensure a project's success. Even so, some people don't have the patience that it deserves. Its success could hinge upon a high level of skills and experience that aren't accessible, for example, or there might be complications that influence or interfere with the manner in which it works. What do we do in these circumstances?

One answer is Manditory Volunteerism, a cutting-edge community service resource. The reason lies in its effectiveness. There are a few valuable advantages to community service with Manditory Volunteerism, which we introduce below.
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Sir Gaius Fuchs Off To Hunnos

Sir Gaius Fuchs, the renowned archaeologist left Rhus today on a new expedition to the northern wilds of Hunnos, despite the ongoing conflict on the southern continent, in the hope that he will be able to shed some new light on the monolith discovered recently during a mining survey.  The monolith which covers about 2 square kilometers almost certainly predates the diaspora by at least 14,000 cycles and may reveal more clues about Hunnos' earliest inhabitants lives and their religious beliefs as well as clues to why the Helios system was abondoned in the remote past.
"We are well away from the fighting and if there is a key to the Helios mystery, I believe that Hunnos may be pivotal in our search for answers"
Fuchs explained to a gathering of press and his team's families as they prepared to leave the dig at Lysogorskaya, where a small contingent will remain to record results of the site and generally wrap up the 6 cycle investigation of the Tzaselja temple precinct.

Hunnos - Answer To Ancient Mystery?
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Something Went Wrong In Air Crash, Experts Say

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