Sir Gaius Fuchs Off To Hunnos

Sir Gaius Fuchs, the renowned archaeologist left Rhus today on a new expedition to the northern wilds of Hunnos, despite the ongoing conflict on the southern continent, in the hope that he will be able to shed some new light on the monolith discovered recently during a mining survey.  The monolith which covers about 2 square kilometers almost certainly predates the diaspora by at least 14,000 cycles and may reveal more clues about Hunnos' earliest inhabitants lives and their religious beliefs as well as clues to why the Helios system was abondoned in the remote past.
"We are well away from the fighting and if there is a key to the Helios mystery, I believe that Hunnos may be pivotal in our search for answers"
Fuchs explained to a gathering of press and his team's families as they prepared to leave the dig at Lysogorskaya, where a small contingent will remain to record results of the site and generally wrap up the 6 cycle investigation of the Tzaselja temple precinct.

Hunnos - Answer To Ancient Mystery?

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