Group Marriages on the Rise

The High Priestess' of the Temple of Hymeniaios are reporting that Group Marriages are now beginning to outnumber Monogamous Marriages by three to one.
Whilst such unions have long been legal on Krylos they were not common until the last 2 cycles when a sudden rise in the trend started to appear.
Government figures support this claim and the state of the economy could be the reason for the increase in Group Marriages, with more citizens looking to consolidate their wealth and protect their families' future in these uncertain times.

Whilst such unions are frowned upon by some sectors of the community, studies have revealed that children tend benefit in a number of ways:

  • “The children have more individualized time with adults.”
  • They “can spend less time in day care because of the flexibility of having multiple parental figures involved in their lives.”
  • “…the greater diversity of interests available from adult figures helps children foster a wider variety of hobbies and skills.”

This reporter asked a researcher her views on the impact of Group Marriages on children.

Both parents and kids saw advantages to the Group Marriage as well. For parents, having more than two adults on hand to help with child-rearing could be a lifesaver. Kids also reported liking having multiple adults whom they trusted — though they complained that with so much supervision, they couldn't get away with anything. Children also spoke of the advantages of growing up knowing they could make their own decisions about how to build their families.

The results are likely somewhat optimistic, she said, as dysfunctional families are usually less likely to volunteer for studies. But the lack of widespread trauma among the children of Group Marriages suggests that these unions not, by definition, terrible for kids.

"One of the main things this does indicate to me is that these families can be really good places to raise children," she said. "Not necessarily that all of them, definitely are, but that they may be, depending on how families work it out."