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  • The State of the Republic
    These are the strangest of times: climate change, and its associated consequences, is the issue of our lifetime. But can we get coherent, visionary policies and targets from our elected representatives?
    No, certainly not during an election campaign.

    Citizens have always prided themselves on their values, in believing in a fair go and in doing the right thing. But can our political leaders separate the claims of genuine asylum seekers from the debate about the size of our population? No, not during an election campaign, not when there are votes to be won.
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Unique Event Venues
The Senate Dining Room Alcoves are unique venues for events & functions…
With beautiful views of the Capital through floor to ceiling windows, these private and comfortable annexes are perfect for small meetings and seminars as well as cocktail parties and intimate dinners.
The Senate Dining Room Alcoves comfortably cater for a cocktail party of 90 people, however if you are looking for something more formal, these rooms will also provide a formal banquet setup for 70 people. The floor to ceiling windows also make these venues the ideal choice for day meetings and they can be set as a theatre style for 80 people for your upcoming seminar or company meeting.

Searching for a unique function venue? Senate Catering by JID offers unique venues for events on Krylos. Whether you need function venues for hire, event spaces or are looking for truly unique event venues for business meetings, working luncheons or special events…discover the benchmark for Capital catering. Make an enquiry on infonet #jid.krylos today.
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Meet the $800 Windows tablet designed to interpret for deaf people

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New Tablet Case Recognizes Sign Language and Translates It Into Text

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