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The Criminal Investigative Agency are not ruling out gangland links after a man's body was found brutally bashed in a Nowosselo cemetery.
A spokes-person said the man's body was discovered on Dumua morning.
The man's body was found at the same cemetery where underworld identity Ulnayreb Shrirmev is buried.
A post-mortem will be used to determine the identity of the victim, given the severity of the injuries the man suffered.
The decapitated body of the man, aged in his 80s, was found stripped naked propped against a head stone with his severed head on his lap.
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Jurors in the murder trial of Nitnit Gooftwit have visited the underground docks at Bishop's Mino-on-Sea, where Nyguya Bumpdorf 's body was found 2 cycles ago.
Gooftwit, 25, has pleaded not guilty to murder and weapons charges in the  slaying of Nyguya Bumpdorf, 27, whose bullet-riddled body was found floating under the docks near the industrialist's residence.
Prosecutors allege that Gooftwit and two accomplices, Headair Doltclodnit and Snarkhead Dumbwimp, picked Bumpdorf up at his house and conveyed him to the docks, where he was shot several times. Doltclodnit and Dumbwimp also face murder charges, but will be tried separately.
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