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Sky Command (RAF) (SkyCom)

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Sky Command (SkyCom) or the Royal Air Force (RAF) is the SCM's aerial warfare force. Formed during the diaspora from Charadin Prime, it is the oldest independent air force in the sector. Since its formation, SkyCom has taken a significant role in SCM military history, in particular, playing a large part in the Giaian Uprising where it fought its most famous campaign, the Battle of Myrina.
SkyCom's mission is to support the objectives of the SCM Ministry of Defence (MoD), which are to "provide the capabilities needed: to ensure the security and defence of Krylos and all Empire territories, including against terrorism; to support the Government’s foreign policy objectives particularly in promoting interplanetary peace and security." SkyCom describes its mission statement as "... [to provide] An agile, adaptable and capable Air Force that, person for person, is second to none, and that makes a decisive air power contribution in support of the SCM Defence Mission." The mission statement is supported by the RAF's definition of air power, which guides its strategy. Air power is defined as: "The ability to project power from the air and space to influence the behaviour of people or the course of events."
Today SkyCom maintains an operational fleet of various types of air and space craft, described as being "leading-edge" in terms of technology.  Most of the RAF's aircraft and personnel are based on Krylos, with many others serving on operations (principally Hunnos) or at long-established Empire bases (Rhodos, Nea Australis, Rhus, and Hellaes), contingents aboard Intersellar Command's Dreadnaught Class Vessels and on Allied planets. Although SkyCom is the principal SCM air power arm, the Royal Marines' Fleet Air Arm and the Interstellar Command also deliver air power which is integrated into the space, littoral and land environments.

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