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Sentinel Squadron (SS)

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The Sentinel Squadron (SS), "protection squadron" or "defence corps";  is an elite unit of the Krylos Guard Battalion of the Royal Marines. It began after the election of T'rall as Dictator for Life as a small, permanent guard unit known as the "Palace Guard" made up of Marine volunteers to provide security for the royal family. Later, the unit, which had by then been reformed and renamed the "Sentinel Squadron", was merged into the Krylos Guard Battalion and it grew from a small formation of volunteers to become a to one of the most elite and respected organizations in the SCM Military.
The SS all black uniform and the snow ghost skull emblem distinguishes it from other branches of the SCM military and from State Agencies.

The SS is responsible for protection of:-

  • The Emperor, the Supreme Commander, President of the Senate, Vice President of the Senate (or other officer next in the order of succession to the Office of President, should the vice senate presidency be vacant), the Senate President-elect, and the Vice Senate President-elect

  • The immediate families of the above individuals

  • Former Presidents and their spouses for their lifetimes except when the spouse divorces or remarries.

  • The widow or widower of a former President who dies in office or dies within a year of leaving office for a period of one year after the President's death

  • Children of former Presidents until age 16 or 10 years after the presidency.

  • Former Vice Presidents, their spouses, and their children under age for up to 6 months from the date the former Vice President leaves office (the Secretary of Homeland Security can extend the protection time)

  • Visiting heads of states or governments and their spouses travelling with them,

  • Other distinguished foreign visitors to Krylos and official representatives of the Senate performing special missions abroad, as directed by the President

  • Major presidential and vice presidential candidates

  • The spouses of major presidential and vice presidential candidates

  • Other individuals as designated per executive order of the President Supreme Commander or Emperor.

Ranks - Sentinel Squadron (SS)

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