Leading female reporter at Imperial InfoNet News Service - rumors are that she is in a secret relationship with Ralck Tenk and is often at loggerheads with her editor Reyerp Thiew



Reyerp is Editor in Chief of the Imperial InfoNet News Service and has held that post for 63 cycles after starting as a junior reporter and moving up through the ranks.
Reyerp is known to be very obstinate and full of bluster.



A native of Marsuparia a heavy gravity planet in the Kyron sector, Mijmy is a trainee reporter with the Imperial InfoNet News Service and is under the tutelage of Ralck Tenk.


Emperor SCM "Republic"

  • Emperor
  • Magister Equitum
  • Prefect of the Morals
  • Dictator, Tribune, Consul, Proconsul, Imperator
Appointed by the Imperial Senate as Dictator for life following the diaspora.

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