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Krylos City

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Krylos City Tastiger 2015
Krylos City - the golden city of the SCM Empire.

"This will be the place for a village," - T'krall

There is archaeological evidence of human occupation of the capital area from approximately 14,000 cycles ago, but the dense layer of much younger debris obscures these earlier sites.
Evidence of stone tools, pottery and stone weapons attest to about 10,000 cycles of presence. Several excavations support the view that Krylos City grew from pastoral settlements in the surrounding hills, although the actual date is subject to controversy. However, the power of the well known tale of the diaspora and the foundation of the city on the site of a penal colony tends to deflect attention from its actual, more ancient, origins

T'krall recorded in his journal that he had signed a treaty with the locals, a long forgotten penal colony, after a tense standoff, the two groups decided that there was plenty of land for everybody, they agreed that they should start parcelling out land and not dispute who was there first. In this treaty T'krall purported to "buy" 2,000 km2 (772 sq mi) of land around the Styx River and another 400 km2 (154 sq mi) on the bay to the south-west. In exchange he gave the eight "Leaders" whose marks he acquired on his treaty, freedom and the promise of prosperity, along with a quantity of blankets, knives, tomahawks, scissors, flour, handkerchiefs and shirts.

Over the cycles since it's foundation Krylos City has grown into a modern and cosmopolitan city to become the largest in the Empire. Krylos is the national capital of the Empire and is the seat of the Imperial Senate. The official residences of the Emperor and the President of the Senate, and the Constitutional Court are located in the city centre. The state ministries are spread out around the city; these include the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is located in the Civil Services Complex near the Palace and Imperial Senate.

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