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Criminal Investigative Agency (CIA)

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The Criminal Investigation Agency (CIA) is the main operational branch of the Krylos Police Force and it is dedicated to investigating and solving serious crime, and targeting organized crime and recidivist criminals. The CIA has existed since the settlement of Krylos following the diaspora.
The CIA has officers stationed around the planet. Their job is to investigate serious crimes such as homicides, aggravated violence, sexual offending, drug offences, crimes against society, and fraud as well as general policing operations, at times they work hand in hand with the Krylos Guard Battalion in the Capital.

Officers who work in the CIA have completed five CIA training modultes. They then undergo an intensive period of training in law and the latest techniques in investigation. The training consists of a live-in three and a half week CIA Selection and Induction Course at the Royal Police College. Upon the completion of this course the police officer gains the designation of Constable on Trial. The minimum period of this designation is six months and during this period the Constable on Trial is expected to complete four CIA modules. They are then eligible to apply for the designation of Constable, which the minimum period for this designation is 24 months. During this time the Constable completes six further CIA modules, a Workplace Assessment Book, a three hour Pre-Requisite exam based upon the content of the 15 CIA modules and then a three week CIA Qualifying Course. They are then eligible to apply for the designation of Senior Constable.

As well as the frontline CIA squads there are a number of proactive Organized Crime Squads that use covert methods to principally target high level drug offending. Officers who work on these squads routinely carry out protracted investigations into organized groups or individuals who habitually commit crimes.

Criminal Investigative Agency (CIA) - Ranks

CIA HQ - Civil Services Complex, Krylos City


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