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Helios-A System

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Symbol Legend

Terrestrial Planet, Not Populated
Terrestrial Planet, Populated
Terrestrial Planet, Hospitable (breathable atmosphere)
Gas Giant
Gas Giant, Populated (on moons)
Gas Giant, Hospitable (on moons)
Asteroid Belt, Not Populated
Asteroid Belt, Populated
Space Station / Megastructure, Not Populated (automated facility, abandoned, etc.)
Space Station / Megastructure, Populated

Spectral Class: G2
Mass: 1.1 sol
Radius: 1.227 sol
Luminosity: 1.51
Political: SCM
Planets / Bodies: BranhertdaszKrylosAegyptusElysiumRhodosRhusLau'araPhi OttaEinontlitzEsairaEtxicanecEtaruCold Fort
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Time Keeping in the Republic

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The Republic uses a metric time system. You will find below a rough conversion system to the old Earth system of time keeping.
  • micron - second (mike)
  • millcron - minute (mill)
  • centcron - hour (sen)
  • cron - day (kron)
  • dekcron - week (deck)
  • dodecron - month (doad)
  • cycle - year
  • aeon - 100 years
  • epoch - 1000 years
Therefore time is broken down as such:-
  • 100 microns in a millcron
  • 100 millcrons in a centcron
  • 10 centicrons in a cron
  • 10 crons in a dekcron
  • 3 dekcrons in a dodecron
  • 12 dodecron in a cycle
  • 100 cycles in an aeon
  • 100 aeons in an epoch
On planets where a cron is longer than it is on Krylos due to it's rotation, extra centcrons are added into a time period named the "Time Slip" - between 5 cent and 6 cent. All chronometers will stop at 5 sent and not change to 6 cent until after the "time slip". This allows for a commonality of time throughout the Republic.

*please note - a micron is not the same period of time as a second and is only shown as a reference, the same goes for all other time units

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Allied Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS)

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The Allied Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) is the intelligence agency of the Empire and it's Allies, which is responsible for collecting foreign intelligence, undertaking counter-intelligence activities and cooperation with other interplanetary intelligence agencies.
According to its InfoNet site, the mission of ASIS is to:

Protect and promote the Empire's vital interests through the provision of unique foreign intelligence services as directed by the Emperor and the Imperial Senate.

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Frontier Borders Intelligence Service (FBI)

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The Frontier Borders Intelligence Service (FBI) is the security service of the SCM Empire, which is responsible for the protection of the Empire and its citizens from espionage, sabotage, acts of foreign interference, politically motivated violence, attacks on the SCM defence system, and terrorism.
FBI officers have no police powers of arrest and are generally unarmed. Generally FBI operations requiring police powers are co-ordinated with the Criminal Investigative Agency and/or with provincial and planetary police forces. However, under the Imperial Security Legislation Amendment Bill  passed by the Imperial Senate, FBI officers are exempt from prosecution for a wide range of illegal activities in the course of conducting "operations". This means they may carry arms, detain people, or carry out a wide variety of other ordinarily illegal acts in the course of operations.
FBI Central Office is in Krylos City, with a local office being located in each planetary capital. A new 630 million imperial crown Central Office, within the Civil Services Complex, was officially opened by the President Sandar Plecks two cycles ago.
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Imperial Senate

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While the Provincial assemblies continued to meet after the founding of the Empire, their powers were all transferred to the Senate, and so senatorial decrees acquired the full force of law. The legislative powers of the Imperial Senate were principally of a financial and an administrative nature, although the senate did retain a range of powers over the provinces. The Senate could also regulate festivals and religious cults, grant special honors, excuse an individual (usually the Emperor) from legal liability, manage temples and public games, and even enact tax laws (but only with the acquiescence of the Emperor). However, it had no real authority over either the state religion or over public lands.
During the early Empire, all judicial powers that had been held by the Provincial assemblies were also transferred to the Senate. For example, the senate now held jurisdiction over criminal trials. In these cases, a Consul presided, the senators constituted the jury, and the verdict was handed down in the form of a decree and while a verdict could not be appealed, the Emperor could pardon a convicted individual through a veto. Each province that was under the jurisdiction of the Senate had its own court, and, upon the recommendation of a Consul, decisions of these provincial courts could be appealed to the Senate.
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The Starchamber

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The Starchamber is a Krylos court of law who sit at the Royal Palace, and was composed of Privy Councillor and common-law judges, to supplement the judicial activities of the common-law and equity courts in civil and criminal matters. The Starchamber was established to ensure the fair enforcement of laws against socially and politically prominent people so powerful that ordinary courts would likely hesitate to convict them of their crimes.
Court sessions are held in public, although witnesses and defendants are examined in secret. Defendants are given prior notice of the charges against them, and have the right to be represented by an attorney. Evidence is presented in writing. Over time, the Starchamber has evolved into a political weapon, a symbol of the misuse and abuse of power by the monarchy and its courts.
The Court evolved from meetings of the Emperor's Council, with its roots going back to the first days of the empire. Contrary to popular belief, the so-called "Starchamber Act" of the second Senate did not actually empower the Starchamber, but rather created a separate tribunal distinct from the Emperor's General Council.
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Criminal Investigative Agency (CIA)

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The Criminal Investigation Agency (CIA) is the main operational branch of the Krylos Police Force and it is dedicated to investigating and solving serious crime, and targeting organized crime and recidivist criminals. The CIA has existed since the settlement of Krylos following the diaspora.
The CIA has officers stationed around the planet. Their job is to investigate serious crimes such as homicides, aggravated violence, sexual offending, drug offences, crimes against society, and fraud as well as general policing operations, at times they work hand in hand with the Krylos Guard Battalion in the Capital.
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Sentinel Squadron (SS)

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The Sentinel Squadron (SS), "protection squadron" or "defence corps";  is an elite unit of the Krylos Guard Battalion of the Royal Marines. It began after the election of T'rall as Dictator for Life as a small, permanent guard unit known as the "Palace Guard" made up of Marine volunteers to provide security for the royal family. Later, the unit, which had by then been reformed and renamed the "Sentinel Squadron", was merged into the Krylos Guard Battalion and it grew from a small formation of volunteers to become a to one of the most elite and respected organizations in the SCM Military.
The SS all black uniform and the snow ghost skull emblem distinguishes it from other branches of the SCM military and from State Agencies.
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Krylos Guard Battalion (KGB)

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The Krylos Guard Battalion (KGB) is part of the Royal Marines. It is responsible for providing security in the Capital area and for providing guards of honour.
Its missions include, but are not restricted to:
  • Guarding important public buildings such as the Royal Palace Complex (the residence of the Emperor), The Lodge (the residence of the President of the Senate), the Senate Complex, the Hall of Justice, Civil Services Complex and keeping public order in the Capital.
  • Honor and security services for the highest national personalities and important foreign guests;
  • Support of other law enforcement forces (with intervention groups, or horseback patrols);
  • Staffing patrols and patrol stations, particularly for the Royal Forests of the Liberator Chasma region.
  • Security of diplomatic bags entering and leaving the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the spaceports.
  • Protection of Embassies throughout the Empire and Allied Planets.
  • Provide support to the CIA as and when required
The KGB also fulfills an important diplomatic role, representing Krylos at international events abroad and receiving important dignitaries at home.
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Sky Command (RAF) (SkyCom)

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Sky Command (SkyCom) or the Royal Air Force (RAF) is the SCM's aerial warfare force. Formed during the diaspora from Charadin Prime, it is the oldest independent air force in the sector. Since its formation, SkyCom has taken a significant role in SCM military history, in particular, playing a large part in the Giaian Uprising where it fought its most famous campaign, the Battle of Myrina.
SkyCom's mission is to support the objectives of the SCM Ministry of Defence (MoD), which are to "provide the capabilities needed: to ensure the security and defence of Krylos and all Empire territories, including against terrorism; to support the Government’s foreign policy objectives particularly in promoting interplanetary peace and security." SkyCom describes its mission statement as "... [to provide] An agile, adaptable and capable Air Force that, person for person, is second to none, and that makes a decisive air power contribution in support of the SCM Defence Mission." The mission statement is supported by the RAF's definition of air power, which guides its strategy. Air power is defined as: "The ability to project power from the air and space to influence the behaviour of people or the course of events."
Today SkyCom maintains an operational fleet of various types of air and space craft, described as being "leading-edge" in terms of technology.  Most of the RAF's aircraft and personnel are based on Krylos, with many others serving on operations (principally Hunnos) or at long-established Empire bases (Rhodos, Nea Australis, Rhus, and Hellaes), contingents aboard Intersellar Command's Dreadnaught Class Vessels and on Allied planets. Although SkyCom is the principal SCM air power arm, the Royal Marines' Fleet Air Arm and the Interstellar Command also deliver air power which is integrated into the space, littoral and land environments.
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