Frontier Borders Intelligence

Frontier Borders Intelligence

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Frontier Borders Intelligence Service (FBI)

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The Frontier Borders Intelligence Service (FBI) is the security service of the SCM Empire, which is responsible for the protection of the Empire and its citizens from espionage, sabotage, acts of foreign interference, politically motivated violence, attacks on the SCM defence system, and terrorism.
FBI officers have no police powers of arrest and are generally unarmed. Generally FBI operations requiring police powers are co-ordinated with the Criminal Investigative Agency and/or with provincial and planetary police forces. However, under the Imperial Security Legislation Amendment Bill  passed by the Imperial Senate, FBI officers are exempt from prosecution for a wide range of illegal activities in the course of conducting "operations". This means they may carry arms, detain people, or carry out a wide variety of other ordinarily illegal acts in the course of operations.
FBI Central Office is in Krylos City, with a local office being located in each planetary capital. A new 630 million imperial crown Central Office, within the Civil Services Complex, was officially opened by the President Sandar Plecks two cycles ago.
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Allied Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS)

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The Allied Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) is the intelligence agency of the Empire and it's Allies, which is responsible for collecting foreign intelligence, undertaking counter-intelligence activities and cooperation with other interplanetary intelligence agencies.
According to its InfoNet site, the mission of ASIS is to:

Protect and promote the Empire's vital interests through the provision of unique foreign intelligence services as directed by the Emperor and the Imperial Senate.